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Keep Informed, Make Your Voice Heard  – before it’s too late!

The debate on the need for a wastewater plant is over.  Victoria now needs to move forward.

However, there remain many concerns regarding the end result and how we will get there.  The unfortunate delays in deciding the plant location may have resulted in rushed decisions in order to meet provincial and federal funding deadlines. 

Our  objectives are to ensure that:

  • We end up with the “State of the Art” Wastewater Treatment Facility which was promised.
  • The sewage conveyance system is designed to minimize the impact on residents and the environment.
  • There is a  record of the actions taken by both the City of Victoria and the CRD Project Board in response to concerns raised by the community.

The scope of this website is largely limited to the impacts of the Project on James Bay and Dallas Rd.

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