Have your say on the Dallas Rd. cycle path and Clover Point public realm improvements

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The Wastewater Treatment Project is holding two community association meetings next week:

These are both extremely important meetings and may be the last, and only, chance residents and concerned citizens have to influence the City Council on  the design of the Dallas Rd. cycle path and Clover Point Pump Station public realm improvements .  Although not mentioned in the CRD invitation we expect the use of Niagara St. for the assembly of the undersea pipeline will be a topic of interest to residents.  Attendance is strongly encouraged.

Three web postings provide essential reading prior to the meeting:

    • Video of 14th December 2017 CRD presentation of the 30% design  to City Council. The post includes a text description of the proceedings with links to the relevant sections of the video. Witness which way our councillors are leaning.
    • The 8th December 2017 CRD report provided to Council prior to the above meeting.
    • Appendix F of the above report. This is the Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) team memorandum (dated 27th November 2017) detailing their review of the Stantec indicative design of the wastewater pipe routing adjacent to the Dallas bluffs.

CRD have distributed  this summary information to the public.