CRD Project Team “30% plus” presentation to James Bay and Fairfield

180110 JBNA

The CRD Wastewater Project Team presented details of the “30% plus” design of forcemain routing, bike path and Clover Point pump station plaza at public meetings held on the 10th (James Bay) and 11th (Fairfield) January, 2018.

Click here for the minutes of the James Bay meeting

Residents are urged to provide feedback prior to the end of January. The feedback will be “considered” by the CRD Project Team and the “final proposed design” presented to the City of Victoria Council for final review in March/April.

The main change to the 30% design, presented to Council on the 14th December, was the addition of two options which would both retain angle parking  and result in a lower parking space loss. 

This revised design, incorporating public feedback, will be presented to Council in late February/early March.  This will provide the next, but no doubt much more limited, opportunity for public input.

This post contains links to the following information:

Below are two CHEK news videos – but very limited information; mainly dealing with loss of parking.  To obtain detailed information on the proposed design please visit this earlier post