Has the tunneling option proved more of a challenge than anticipated?

It is of concern to the residents of James Bay, and hopefully to both the City of Victoria and the Core Area Liquid Wastewater Management Committee (CALWMC), that there appears to be so much uncertainty over the casing installation at the Anglers site.  

If this portion of the project, so close to shore, is providing an unexpected challenge can we have any confidence that a sufficiently thorough geotechnical evaluation has occurred for the 1 km long tunneling portion?

Will the CALWMC , on behalf of the taxpayers, press for a full disclosure on the reasons for the delay?  

Will the City of Victoria, on behalf of nearby residents, demand that work stops until a noise wall is erected capable of limiting the level to 75 dBA ?

Below is the information provided to the public to date.

The 7th June Construction Notice stated:
“Starting the week of June 12th, crews will install the casing …..” &
“…. This involves hammering the casing into place ..” & “… installation is anticipated to take approximately two weeks”  
i.e., hammering to be completed by 26th June.

The  23rd June Construction Notice stated:
“This work has been delayed slightly and it is anticipated that it will begin the week of June 26 and take approximately two weeks to be completed”
i.e., hammering to be complete by 10th July.

The 7th July Briefing Note stated:
“Casing installation at Ogden Point began on June 29……” & “….We had indicated that this particularly noisy part of the work would take about two weeks, which remains the case.”  
i.e., hammering to be complete by 12th July.

The 17th July Construction Notice stated:
“…This involves driving the casing into place (a process similar to pile driving). This work will continue during the week of July 17 …”
Perhaps wisely, but rather worrying for nearby residents, the CRD Project Team have decided not to attempt another guess at a hammering completion date.

An Information board displayed at the 5th April CRD Open House stated:
” Noise mitigation will result in 75 dBA at the midpoint of Dallas Road”
The 7th July Briefing Note confirms that levels as high as 101 dBA have occurred.  Decibel levels are a logarithmic scale;  a level of 95 dBA is four times as loud as the promised 75 dBA (105 dBA is eight times as loud!).  

It is inconceivable that an experienced contractor, or indeed CRD’s consultant, would not know that this committed level would inevitably be exceeded. Why was the public misled?

Who now has any faith in the statement included in Project Update #2: “there will be no detectable odour in the surrounding community”;  especially when the contract will permit an odour level of 5 OU (the recently awarded Vancouver wastewater plant specifies <1 OU)

and today’s question:
170717 excavation

Why is the area above the last hammered casing being excavated?


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