Our inaugural meeing was held on the 30th March 2017 and was attended by nearly 200 residents. At this meeting many residents heard, for the first time, that:

  • There will be 12 hour/day drilling noise for 12-18 months as a hole to accommodate the wastewater pipe is first drilled and then reamed out from the Anglers site on Dallas Rd. to McLoughlin Pt.- perhaps making life intolerable for those at the Dallas end of Niagara;  
  • Prior to pulling the 48″ wastewater pipe through the hole the pipe sections will be laid out along Niagara St. These sections will occupy Niagara St. from Dallas to Government St.  Details of drive access and on-street parking have yet to be resolved. 
  • A 48″ diameter pipe will be laid in a trench beside Dallas in Fairfield and mostly on Dallas in James Bay – putting our roadside trees and treasured Dallas bluffs in danger.Click here to see slides relating to the above points.
  • The plant is not “State of the Art” – The specified Odour and noise levels are at the lower “industry standard”. In the summer the wind blows across James Bay, Downtown & VicWest  almost 65% of the time. Note that sound is amplified when it travels over water.

We request that the alternative seabed routing be investigated and that we are given the State of the Art wastewater plant we were promised.

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