171208 CRD report to 14th December meeting

Dallas Parking


This memorandum  (43 pages) was presented to the 14th December, 2017 “Committee of the Whole” council meeting.

“The purpose of this memo is to present the City of Victoria with the Design Proposals for the Clover Point Pump Station Building exterior and Public Realm Improvements, and the Clover Forcemain and Cycle Track alignment in accordance with the licence agreements between the Capital Regional District (“CRD”) and the City of Victoria (“City”). It also serves the purpose of presenting the findings of the geotechnical assessment for the Clover forcemain in accordance with the Watewater Treatment Project Board’s response to the May 11, 2017 City of Victoria Council Resolution. “

Of particular note is the change from angle to parallel parking on Dallas Road (just east of the breakwater) and the reduction in the number of parking spaces.  Details provided below. Continue reading “171208 CRD report to 14th December meeting”

Additional boreholes along Dallas Road

This construction notice was issued on the 28th November, 2017.  Below is an extract from the notice:

“A truck mounted drilling rig will be used to create approximately four boreholes
located at the following locations along Dallas Road: between Douglas Street and Paddon Ave; at Cook Street; and the James Bay seawall. There will be some noise associated with the drilling work. Preparation work will begin on November 30. Drilling of the four boreholes is anticipated to take four days during the week of December 4, followed by two days of seismic testing the week of December 11.”

We understand that these additional boreholes are required due to concerns that the route proposed during the indicative design may put the bluffs/seawall at risk.  It is expected that the outcome will be a routing further into the road at these locations.

Sewage-pipe drilling drives away business

Times Colonist

NOVEMBER 7, 2017 06:59 AM

Whitehall Rowing & Sail, located at 85 Dallas Rd. since 2012, has been subject to the noise generated by the drilling in progress next door for the new sewage pipeline running across the harbour to the future sewage treatment plant at Macaulay Point. The diesel generators located just a few metres away run continuously from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The noise generated and ground vibration is substantial.

Speaking outside the building is not possible to do in a comfortable manner. As a result, five months into this project, we can report that our local weekend sales are at zero revenue. This is about $100,000 down over previous years.

This adversity is seriously affecting our business and our revenues.

Harold Aune

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Drilling has Started

The drilling at the Dallas Road Anglers site has started.  Readings taken on 2nd August indicate that the noise level is currently under the 75 dBA commitment made by the CRD.  Later readings taken by concerned residents have confirmed our findings.

This is the initial pilot hole; we can expect a louder noise level as the hole is gradually reamed out to accommodate the 48″ wastewater pipe and we will continue to monitor the noise level over the next 12 months.

Has the tunneling option proved more of a challenge than anticipated?

It is of concern to the residents of James Bay, and hopefully to both the City of Victoria and the Core Area Liquid Wastewater Management Committee (CALWMC), that there appears to be so much uncertainty over the casing installation at the Anglers site.   Continue reading “Has the tunneling option proved more of a challenge than anticipated?”