Drilling has Started

The drilling at the Dallas Road Anglers site has started.  Readings taken on 2nd August indicate that the noise level is currently under the 75 dBA commitment made by the CRD.  Later readings taken by concerned residents have confirmed our findings.

This is the initial pilot hole; we can expect a louder noise level as the hole is gradually reamed out to accommodate the 48″ wastewater pipe and we will continue to monitor the noise level over the next 12 months.

Has the tunneling option proved more of a challenge than anticipated?

It is of concern to the residents of James Bay, and hopefully to both the City of Victoria and the Core Area Liquid Wastewater Management Committee (CALWMC), that there appears to be so much uncertainty over the casing installation at the Anglers site.   Continue reading “Has the tunneling option proved more of a challenge than anticipated?”

Sewage Construction Noise Rattles Business Owner

The following was posted by Ryan Price on the CFAX 1070 website:

“A James Bay business owner says the amount of noise coming from pile driving work for the region’s sewage treatment project is coming as a surprise.

“When the pile driver is happening it’s pretty loud. It’s about 92 decibels if you’re outside and about 72 inside, which is about the level that a rock band makes, “says Whitehall Rowing and Sail owner Harold Aune. His shop is located near where the future sewage pipe will cross the harbour from James Bay to the treatment plant in Esquimalt. Continue reading “Sewage Construction Noise Rattles Business Owner”

CBC report on the Hammering

** Update: Hammering of the casing did not occur on Saturday 8th July.  At this time we do not know if this is because the casing has reached rock sooner than expected or for some other reason.  However, it does looks as though drilling, not hammering, will be the next operation **

Please CRD, show you care, spend a tiny portion of your $765M budget on an effective sound barrier

CBC’s  “On The Island” reporter Megan Thomas was at the Anglers site on the 6th July, 2017 while the third of the four 60″ casing pipes was driven into the ground.

Those of you who live nearby or have walked past the site may feel the comments by Elizabeth Scott, the CRD Deputy Project Manager, rather downplay the severity of the noise. Perhaps her comments would carry some weight if she had actually been at Anglers while the hammering was taking place?  Maybe she would like to correct this and visit the site on Saturday for the final push – but without earplugs, please!  Continue reading “CBC report on the Hammering”

Shaw Citizen’s Forum – Dr. John Gunton provides additional information on the Seabed Alternative

Watch Dr. John Gunton’s 21st June, 2017 interview on Shaw TV Citizen’s Forum about the alternative seabed routing for the wastewater pipeline – a technology which an earlier Stantec report fully supported. In the words of the interviewer, “If you think the sewage stuff was crazy before here’s the next step

Since this interview the drilling at the Anglers site has started. The noise wall has proved totally ineffective with sound levels recorded in excess of 100 dBA.   

Will our new government come to our aid?

Continue reading “Shaw Citizen’s Forum – Dr. John Gunton provides additional information on the Seabed Alternative”

Two week delay for casing hammering – now w/b 26th June 2017

170623 Casing updateThe casing hammering has been delayed by two weeks and will now start next week.

Please review our previous post to understand how 12 hours/day of hammering for two weeks followed by 12 hours/day of drilling for 1 year will affect you – and, what action you can take; especially if you live on Dallas Road near the Anglers site. Continue reading “Two week delay for casing hammering – now w/b 26th June 2017”

Will the Dallas Rd. wastewater pipeline route be another Blue Bridge fiasco?

At the 15th June 2017 City of Victoria “Committee of the Whole” meeting Jonathan Huggett, P.Eng., Project Director Johnson Street Bridge Project, reported on the interim Lessons Learned on the Johnson St. Blue Bridge Project.  The project, with an initial contract award of $62.9 M, is now standing at $105 M  (and expected to rise) and is 2-1/2 years behind schedule. 

A quote from a Globe and Mail (16th June 2017) report with the headline “Delayed Blue Bridge project an expensive lesson for Victoria, B.C.” is very relevant to the Wastewater project:

“This project is screaming that in future we’ve got to start demanding more transparency from our elected officials on all infrastructure projects” Continue reading “Will the Dallas Rd. wastewater pipeline route be another Blue Bridge fiasco?”