Rebuttal to the Stantec dismissal of the Seabed pipe routing

** Re item 3 below the request to the Mayor of Victoria, from JBNA was received “as correspondence” at the 27th April Council meeting with no discussion at Council **

Five documents are presented below, each can be opened by clicking on the image:

Response to Stantec Rebuttal1) The response to the Stantec letter. The Stantec letter (below)  lists six reasons not to proceed with an in-depth analysis of the seabed pipe routing option.  Each of the six points is discussed and considered to be either lacking knowledge of the technology,  an incorrect interpretation of available data. or is simply incorrect. 

Stantec Rebuttal2) The Stantec letter dated 13th March 2017. This letter, challenged by experts, has been the response to the request for a full discussion and assessment of the less costly, less disruptive, and less risky seabed option. (Note: searching through CRD documents, no assessment of the seabed conveyance option appears to heave been done over the past several years.)   

100418 Letter to Mayor3) The letter to Mayor Helps, dated 18th April, 2017, from the James Bay Neighborhood Association requesting that the City of Victoria partner with them to host a Conveyancing Technical Forum.  This would allow an open discussion by a panel of technical experts of the seabed routing, thereby validating (or not) the need for a feasibility study. No response has been received to date.

Draft Conveyanacing Forum4) Details of the proposed technical forum which would provide the public with some assurance that a review of the seabed option had been done and the stability of the Dallas bluffs given full consideration – a win-win for residents and City Council and the CRD. This is a valuable opportunity, that should not be missed, to hear expert opinion on the seabed option. 

170425 Stantec Press ReleaseJPG


5) Press release issued on 25th April, 2017




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