Sewage Construction Noise Rattles Business Owner

The following was posted by Ryan Price on the CFAX 1070 website:

“A James Bay business owner says the amount of noise coming from pile driving work for the region’s sewage treatment project is coming as a surprise.

“When the pile driver is happening it’s pretty loud. It’s about 92 decibels if you’re outside and about 72 inside, which is about the level that a rock band makes, “says Whitehall Rowing and Sail owner Harold Aune. His shop is located near where the future sewage pipe will cross the harbour from James Bay to the treatment plant in Esquimalt.

The CRD has installed a 5-metre high noise wall around the work area to try and help keep the racket down during the current pile driving project.

Aune thinks the CRD should do more to let people know how disruptive the project will be, “Longer range consultation would have been good… the pile driving is an aspect that’s going to only happen for the first two or three weeks. Next week, or the week after, they move the heavy equipment in.”

He doubts many people in James Bay understand how construction will tear up major roads like Dallas Road”

Listen to the CFAX 1070 interview here: